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Legacy Lives On – Impact of Beverly Lowry

Beverly Davis Lowry went home to be with the Lord on Monday, December 2.  What a ginormous gain for Heaven.  Wow!  For those of you who will entertain my thoughts, I’d like to share my story of this ladies impact in my life.
I was an on campus student at Liberty from 96-2000 where I of course had the wonderful Bev as a professor in psycology.  Before coming to Liberty I came from a very difficult home life full of physical abuse, neglect, and abandonment.  My mother was a prostitute, drug attic, alcoholic, and homeless. My father was on drugs and married a woman that was extremely abusive to me.  I experienced the street life, being in and out of different homes, and physical & verbal abuse from the time I was born to the time I arrived at Liberty.  Therefore, I brought a lot of anger, bitterness, hopelessness, and baggage to the campus.  I’ll never forget Bev sharing the Gospel very clearly and passionately the first week of class and it was the first time I had listened to it.  Her love for Jesus and desire to see all of her students experience the same, planted an immediate seed in my life.  Two weeks later, August 26, 1996, I fell to my knees alongside Dr Jerry Falwell twenty minutes before convocation and accepted Jesus into my life.  She had an immediate impact on my new life.
Over the next 3 years, I made sure I took every course she taught that I possibly could.  She not only taught psychology, but she taught us about life and how to Biblically deal with it.  I began meeting her at her office or the Hangar (restaurant on campus) and we would talk about life and always pray together.  I would always leave with a growth element and feeling cared for.  We began developing a wonderful relationship and she helped me through the initial years of discovering who God wanted me to be and overcoming my past.  She would give me advice, inspired me to believe in the value and significance God placed on my life, and took me under her wing like a mother mentor.  I didn’t see my real mother since I was 13 years old, but got a call from a hospital 3 hours away stating that my mom was in a bad accident and may not make it through the night.  A flood of emotions came over me.  I immediately called Mrs. Lowry and the Lord used her to help me see that it was an opportunity to make peace with my mother and let her know that I forgave her.  I was overcome with peace and my soon to be bride and I made our way to the hospital.  I had about 15 beautiful minutes with my mother where I shared scripture with her, prayed over her, and tucked her into bed. She made a miraculous recovery and died about 7 years later due to drug overdose.  Bev was a divine instrument in helping make those final moments with my mom happen.
Bev had a great impact on my wife’s life as well.  My wife began attending a girls Bible Study at Bev’s house while a student and I know she is forever grateful for her.
By my Junior and Senior year, I was growing in leaps and bounds as a Christian.  I got up early every day, went into the lobby and buried my face in the lap of Christ and His Word.  I became a prayer leader, Spiritual Life Director, and Residence Assistant.  Bev had me begin coming into all of her classes and sharing my testimony of being an overcomer.  We saw students come to know Christ during those times and it provided me opportunities to do what I didn’t realize I would do with my life.
On August 5, 2000, I married my phenomenal best friend, Brittany.  Bev came down to sit in my mothers spot at my request because she was the closest person that I had as a mother figure.  She magnificently sang two songs in our wedding as well.  Bev and I kept in touch for a few years after and we made sure to come back to the Living Christmas Tree every year until she stopped performing in it.  About 4 years ago, I came to a conference at Thomas Road and we ran into each other.  What a wonderful time that was as we spent the next few hours together talking and sitting together at the conference.  She wanted to make sure I had every DVD of her son, Mark Lowry and left it for me the next day.  It was a box full of her music CD’s and Mark’s DVD’s.  I got such a chuckle out of it and appreciated it greatly.
I have been in Student Ministry for 15 years now, married to Brittany for 13 years, we have a 6 year old son, Eli and a 2 year old daughter, Natalee.  We have a very blessed life, we are a very happy family, and I am amazed at how God has chosen to use my life’s story all over the East Coast and in other countries.  I attribute this to my spiritual roots in which a few people had a pivotal role in.  Mrs. Beverly Lowry was one of them.
What a powerful legacy Beverly Lowry leaves behind and I am just one life that was forever changed because of that legacies impact.
Bev and I
Bev with Brittany and I
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Embrace…The Call…10 Reasons Why I Am a Student Pastor

“What in the world am I here for.” Have you ever gone through those moments? During the summer of 2012, this disturbing question began sinking its claws deep into my daily thoughts. I had been married to a phenomenal lady for almost 12 years, had two great kids, a beautiful home, and had been in Youth Ministry for 13 years. I had experienced some storms in ministry the 2 years prior which I allowed affect my passion in all areas of my life and I knew this had something to do with it. I was now at a crossroads I wasn’t prepared for. I began going through a personal dilemma where God began to stir very heavy in my heart…He was closing a chapter in our lives. Was the next move supposed to continue in youth ministry or ministry at all? Had I allowed the storms in my life and ministry taint my view of the American church and the passion I had for people? I began to commit to prayer and drawing closer to the Father. For a couple months, the emotional side of this decision was heavy. I was torn. This is where I knew I had to cling to the Father and seek Him with my heart, soul, and mind.

As my wife, Brittany, and I continued discussion about taking on a new chapter, God compelled us to begin a prayer journey together.

A year ago this week, God in His magnificent ways, sent a spirit of urgency through my soul that communicated clearly the direction we were to go. He gave me a renewed spirit and passion towards the call He placed on my life years earlier. I knew then I was to embrace the call to remain in student ministry. Not only did I embrace it, but God began refining a vision in my heart and compelling my purpose to new heights in a way I had never experienced. I overwhelmed with praise and prepared to unleash this vision, purpose, and passion in the next location He would send me.

A year later, I am sitting here in my office at CrossPointe Church in Madison, AL where I am fully engaged with God’s purpose for my life. To love Jesus with all that I am, to cherish my beautiful wife with unconditionally love, to strive to be the greatest dad on the planet, to keep my family first, and to let joy, peace, and positivity reign over pettiness, drama, and politics, and to love, encourage, and challenge every teenager in the community. After 15 years of being a Student Pastor, I am ecstatic about the next 15 years.

People often ask me if I’m ever going to become a pastor of a church and why I still do Student Ministry. My simple answer is that my calling in life is to be a Student Pastor and until God changes that, I will embrace it with a relentless pursuit. I see no end in site and have never been more excited to do Student Ministry.

Here are 10 more Reasons Why I Am a Student Pastor

1. I believe teenagers can change the world.
2. I love to see young people give their lives to Christ.
3. I love family and so I have a passion to partner with parents to assist them in developing young disciples.
4. I love to influence teenagers to imitate Christ in all areas of their lives.
5. I love speaking truth into their lives weekly.
6. I love being a shepherd to this generation.
7. I love helping them grasp where their true value, significance, and identity is at an early and understandable age.
8. I love helping them steer their risk taking spirit towards pursuing God’s mission, thus becoming mission-minded.
9. I know I would not be happy doing anything else.
10.I AM A STUDENT PASTOR because God created and called me to love teenagers, lead teenagers, laugh with teenagers, cry with teenagers, teach teenagers, believe in teenagers, train teenagers, empower teenagers, and do life with teenagers.

I could think of many, many other reasons, but these are what comes to mind as I reflect with gratitude on this wonderful adventure God has me on in Student Ministry.

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