The Purpose of the Stay at Home Mom!

24 Aug

The purpose of a stay at home mom

In our society today, there are many stay at home moms who struggle with their purpose! This is mainly due to the massive amount of pressure our society puts on the women to be career oriented and to help bring in money for different reasons. My desire in writing this today is not to judge the mother who works, please know my heart on this as I grasp the different reasons mothers feel the need to work and others just don’t like staying at home. Not staying at home does not make you a bad mom. Both working moms and stay at home moms are valuable and both work hard. My desire is to simply share what I believe the purpose of a stay at home mom is.

God places extraordinary value in a mom! God looks at a mom and places extreme significance upon her life! I truly believe that being a mom is one of the highest honors that God can place on a human being! Look at a mother’s eyes when you mention their children! You will never see a gleam so bright.

Mom, if God has given your family the ability to stay at home, count yourself very blessed as the majority of American moms cannot stay at home. I know there are sacrifices that may need to be made and things you will not be able to do, but the richly rewarding experience is far greater than those material items and events.

I realize also that in our jobs it is nice to be appreciated and told so. Being a stay at home mom can be the most thankless job. Let the thousands of cuddles, smiles, and I love you’s say thank you! By the way, all you stay at home moms reading this…Thank you!!! Oh yeah, and not to mention the taking care of the home and being the most amazing mate to your husband. Your paycheck would be gigantic if you were paid monetarily.

You must grasp your identity in Christ and not in what the world says! You must know the truth behind who you are and what God’s will is. You are showing the ultimate sacrifice of self. Your selflessness is insurmountable.

So your highly educated and have specialty experience in a area and society ask you why you are wasting it. Easy answer…for this phase of my life, I am changing lives on kid at a time in order for him/her to make a lasting impact on this world when this phase is over. The education will always be there, but these few years to invest whole heartedly in my child will not. Therefore, the sacrifices, insanity cry outs, and thankless days are worth it to change the planet one little life at a time. You are making a career at home that one day may change when they leave the home, but for now have no doubt this is where you are suppose to be. No one else has a hand in raising your children. There is a time for everything, and you believe your time right now is for your child to be able to say…my mommy was there!!

Mom, realize that you are committed to a cause! You are investing into life change! You are a hero!

*Side note: I know there are different reasons for different women to not stay at home and that is their option and decision just as it is for the stay at home mom. For those of you who are career oriented and work, I know your desire to is be the best mommy and I pray God blesses you in that desire. To those who may judge you for working…who cares what they think.

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2 responses to “The Purpose of the Stay at Home Mom!

  1. karen

    August 24, 2010 at 5:36 pm

    Ryan years ago when Luke was first born and had some medical issues that required I stay home with him I really struggle with not working. I went from being very career focused (on the NBC affiliate news in Nashville- which was a very demanding, high profile job) to staying home with two little boys under 2. I felt isolated, alone and unappreciated. I wrote an article about it in ParentLife magazine… anyway… what I wrote was how my perspective changed when my amazing big brother got me the most beautiful card about how even though no one else may know what you do for your children every day – God knows. He sees it places a high value on what you are doing. For some reason I’d never thought about it that way until then.
    Now, having been on both sides of this issue I really treasure that time I spent with the boys when they were young and feel saddened on some days that I”m not there with Zach now. But for our family right now, me working is best. It may not always be the case. But I applaud moms who stay home. full time. It was the hardest job I ever had!

  2. Crystal

    September 17, 2014 at 2:34 pm

    Thank you so much for this Ryan, I often thought as myself as no purpose and a waste of life until I searched online and found this. I have 7 children plus 2 step kid’s and and am a stay at home Mom due to not only my health problems but mainly because I have a disabled daughter that is 9 year’s old and reading this has helped me a lot because my husband is the worker in the family while I stay at home and take care of our children and take care of him when he isn’t working.


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